We often address the topics of objection handling, and finding your target market in order to increase your success in first-time sales, however, repeat customers should be a huge priority for your business especially in a recession.

The trick to creating repeat customers is simply:  keeping your promises, or following up.

If you look at the sales process as a whole the first step is to make a promise to a customer.  In order to close a sale you have to promise that your product or service will improve the quality of your customer's life.

The reason that sales has such a bad name is that, though some greatly exaggerate the results of their product or service, many times salespeople do and say what is necessary to get the sale and forget to follow through with their client.

If the product or service doesn't live up to the client's expectations (expectations that you built during the sale) then they will perceive you as a liar and will probably speak ill of you and your company.

If you follow up with your clients on a regular basis, by phone or in person is preferable, you will be able to handle complaints that they may not be comfortable bringing to you.  Thus giving you the chance to keep disgruntled customers in your favor.

Believe it or not, by inviting a client to complain you may even have the opportunity to up-sale them.  Often times customers, in attempt to be frugal, will go for a less expensive item that isn't what they really needed or wanted.

If you follow up and find out about their disappointment you will have the opportunity to improve their situation and make an additional sale.  It's a win-win.

Needless to say the follow-up should be an integral part of your business system.  Your employees should have regular obligations to ask your customers:

"Are you happy with your experience so far?"
Or something of the sort.  If the answer is yes, great!  If no, then invite them to complain and handle their objections accordingly.

For more information on how to handle objections please refer to our SalesDogs Training School Kit.

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