The skill:  Objection handling.  The process:  Ask an open ended question.  That's it, it's just that simple.  If you use this method instead of walking away from the first "no" that you get you will vastly improve your sales numbers.  

When you approach your customer with a sales proposition the first response is rarely the full truth.  The skill is to be able to move the customer to another level where he or she will provide the real truth.  

Only then does your opportunity to close the sale become real.  Once you have mastered this skill, your results will skyrocket!  You will sell more than you ever have, faster and with much, much less work.  

So, how do you respond to a "no"?  Do you get frustrated and storm away or try to argue your case with the customer?  

Blair Singer says that, "when your emotions are high your intelligence is low."  

When a customer throws an objection your way just remember to stay calm.  Then start by acknowledging the objection and be sympathetic to their problems.  Say something like, "I understand," or "I'm sorry to hear that."  

Then follow the acknowledgement with an open ended question designed to get them to the real reason they said no.  

The following is an example of how to handle a common objection using this method:  


"We have already decided on another supplier."  


"Thank you for letting me know that.  What caused you to make that decision?"  

"I understand.  What was it about the competitor/other option that you liked?"  

"I'm sorry to hear that.  What was it about my product/service that you didn't like?"  

These questions will keep them talking to you.  Remember you want to gather as much information about them as you can.  Keep asking questions, the person asking questions is the one in control of the conversation.  

You want to try and help them solve their problems.  If you can solve their problems at a reasonable price you will make a sale.  

For more on this sales process please contact your local SalesPartner today, or refer to our SalesDogs Training School Kit (featuring flash cards containing preferred responses to the most common objections in sales.)

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