When it comes to promoting your service or product (whether it be by ad, sales letter, or direct contact) there are 6 major ways to improve your chances at a sale.  

#1 - Make an offer that is too good to refuse.
  Be sure to add bonus gifts or discounts (especially to first time customers.)  

#2 - Grow your business by taking the risk away.
Always have a risk free offer.  Make sure your potential customer understands that you offer a money back guarantee, or store credit, or something of that sort.  The ability to return a product or receive a refund will vastly decrease the prospect's fear of "buyer's remorse."

#3 - Write powerful money making headlines.   The most important line in any add or sales pitch is the first line, or hook.  Spend some time crafting your opening statement into a concise attention grabber.  If you're having trouble with this refer to magazine headlines.  Magazine covers are full of great hooklines.  

#4 - Be unique.
  What do you have over your competitors?  What sets you apart?  What is the #1 reason your clients do business with you?  

#5 - Hand write your adds.   Even if you are modeling your adds after an already existing add make sure to write it out for yourself.  This will create a deep neurological imprint on your brain.  Now you will find the information more readily available when creating new adds or in a direct sales situation.  

#6 - Hire a professional.
  If you are still concerned about creating a successful add campaign look to a pro.  Every SalesPartner has the ability to help you create powerful, attention-grabbing, money making adds.  Contact your local SalesPartner for a free consultation.   If you use all of the tips above when you create your adds, your response rate will increase guaranteed.   For more in depth analysis of these topics with copywriting professional, Alexi Neocleous please refer to our Automatic Lead Generator Training kit.
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