It is often said that "chance favors the prepared."  This is definitely true of sales.  If you find yourself in a serendipitous sales situation you are better served if you have a system engrained in your mind.  Below are 7 tips that should be an integral part of your sales process.

Note:  Before you work on these tricks make sure that you are also strong at objection handling (click here for help with this) and make sure that you have a clear understanding of your desired outcome (i.e. are you trying to make a sale or just book an appointment etc.)

Trick #1:  Dress and Present Yourself Well

Always dress one level above what your prospect dresses.  You should always look well-groomed and professional when approaching a sale.  Your appearance can project an aura of confidence and success that people will find enticing.

Trick #2:  Keep Quiet

One of the biggest mistakes sales people make is they talk too much.  Ask a question and then wait.  Listen to your client.  Let them tell you what they are looking for.

Trick #3:  Build Rapport

When you are talking to somebody, match their tones, words, and feelings.  Show genuine concern for your client and make sure that you communicate that you understand things from their perspective.  Mirror their actions.

Trick #4:  Dominate Modality Chart

Analyze your client's preferred learning/interaction style.  Are they visual, audio or kinesthetic?  Visual and kinesthetic prospects vastly out number audio prospects.  Spend less time explaining your service or product; show it, let your prospect feel the benefits.

Trick #5:  As Is'ing

If your client is checking out or you feel like they are withholding valuable information don't be afraid to call it as it is.  Break from the conversation and ask them something like, "I may be wrong but, you seem preoccupied, is there something on your mind?"

Trick #6:  Adopt A Stance of Innocence

Find out what the prospects really want and devise a plan to help them get it.  Don't trap or manipulate your prospects.  Don't over think the closing process.  Closing is simply a  process and an attitude of making arrangements.  Assume the prospect wants your service and book an appointment.

Trick #7:  Hot Questions

Emotion always hides under a hot question.  A "hot question" is a question that comes out of the blue that is usually rooted in anger or fear and intended to throw you off or send you away.  Ignore these questions, avoid your emotions and ask an immediate question to get to the root of the hot question, for example, "I understand, what makes you say that?"

If you practice these 7 skills you will vastly increase your sales success rates.

Remember:  Never practice on prospects.  Drill with a fellow employee or hire a SalesPartner to help you hone your skills.

For more on this topic please refer to our Eight Sales and Marketing Steps to Financial Freedom Training Kit.

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