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Everyone's favorite type of SalesDog is the Golden Retriever. Customer service is everything to the Golden Retriever.  Through providing exceptional service they forge lasting connections, they just need to remember to try to sell something.  Their attention to long-term service fuels their succes!  To find out which breed of SalesDog you are, visit: 


The Most agressive  SalesDogs "breed" is the Pit Bull.  They are the most unrelenting of all SalesDogs and with proper training they can be your most  successful salesperson. Without guidance they can  also be your most frustrated. 

Identify your personal SalesDogs "breed" so you can play to your strengths and experience "break-out" effectiveness.  

"When it comes to Networking, you must be PRESENT to Win." -Jason Everett

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How are people networking incorrectly — why do they need scripts to help them (what are they saying wrong)? First: be sure you know what you offer. What is unique and special about you, your skills and your accomplishments? Once you know what you offer, it’s much easier to market yourself to potential clients. Be prepared.  See (above) video for more information.