10 Steps To Make Your Business Boom  
You may have heard the phrase "Teamwork makes the dream work" before.
This quote is absolutely true.  The best way to ensure the success of your business is to make sure that your team is functioning together efficiently.
The best way to do this is to create a Code of Honor.
A Code of Honor is a set of rules that everyone in your business has agreed upon in order to shape employee conduct in an organized fashion.
Some sample rules are as follows:
"Never abandon a teammate in need."
"Celebrate all wins."
"Be on time."
Note:  For many more sample rules please refer to Blair Singer's book The ABC's of Building a Business Team That Wins.
There are several steps in creating a Code of Honor:
1.  Find a sane moment in which to create the code.
2.  Find recurring issues that repeatedly interfere with the performance of the team.
3.  Everyone participates!
4.  Talk about various instances of behavior, and how everyone felt about them, both positively and negatively.
5.  As soon as you are able to decide on a rule, write it down!
6.  Be specific.
7.  Don't try to legislate moods.
8.  Make sure that the rules are somewhat of a "stretch."
For the remaining two steps as well as an in depth explanation of each step please refer to Singer's book The ABC's of Building a Team That Wins.
For help with drafting, establishing and implementing a Code of Honor please contact your local SalesPartner.
All SalesPartners are thoroughly trained in developing a Code of Honor custom fit for your company.
When it comes to promotions, your marketing process should be graduated in such a way that each level of the process gets those that are interested in your product or service slightly more committed.   In other words don't go for the big sale right away.  You want to start by just isolating those that are interested in what you have to offer.   Don't waste your time and energy trying to close someone that is offering heavy resistance.  You do this by writing an enticing headline that will interest people that are looking for what you have.   Once you have their attention then you should offer them something for free.  People are more likely to try something new if they feel there is little at stake (nothing lost if they don't enjoy the experience.)   After the free sample, then you can proceed with a sales pitch for a larger sale (we recommend that you offer a "new customer" discount or deal, again to ease them further into your web.)   "Remember, the best word in sales is the word 'free.'  Make your offer a free offer."  Blair Singer   Here is the basic formula:   The first three steps in your marketing strategy.  
  1. Enticing Headline
  2. Free Offer
  3. Sales Letter
  Headlines catch attention and lead to free offers, free offers generate interest from your target market and qualify members for your database.  Once you have collected qualified names in your database you are ready to send out a sales letter or e-mail.   Remember the rule of thumb in sales is:  Give First.   "A great entrepreneur knows that you have to put something out there first in order to get something back."  Blair Singer   The most favored word in the sales process is FREE.   When you are preparing an add ask yourself, "What can I give away for free that adds value to, or best defines my product or service?"   For help with writing enticing headlines, creating a free offer and drafting a bulletproof sales letter please refer to our SalesDogs Training Kit Eight Sales and Marketing Steps to Financial Freedom
 The following is titled "How to Be Totally, 100 % Present" (an excerpt from Blair Singer's book, "Little Voice" Mastery.  Techniques courtesy of Jayne Johnson.  

"This little voice management technique is very powerful.  It takes two people, or you could do this in a mirror with yourself.

Sit knee-to-knee (you don't have to touch each other) and look at each other, eyeball-to-eyeball, without talking.  

I know it seems weird, but the purpose of this is to get you present and centered when you're feeling scattered, overwhelmed, or frenzied, or if you simply need to be totally focused when approaching a challenge.  

The rules, as you face each other, are no talking and no flinching for at least three minutes.

If you can do it for longer than that, great.  The little voice in your brain will start going crazy.

"This is nuts," it will say.  "What does this person think of me?  I don't want to do this.  I've got other things to do."
  That's okay.  Just let your little voice run on.  Do your best to stay in the present.  

If you can do this, you'll find magical things happen.  All of a sudden your brain will become very quiet.  You'll be able to listen to yourself.   You can connect with the other person.  That doesn't mean you have to be in love with that other person - you don't need to find him or her attractive, or even like that person.  You just have to remain present.  

After a while of practicing this, your ability to connect, listen, and stay in the moment will be incredible.   

The next time your spouse talks to you, you will really hear it.

The next time your sales prospect tells you something, you'll feel connected, instead of listening to your little voice on overdrive as it scrambles for answers.

You will find people attracted to you because somehow they feel connected, understood, and acknowledged

For the rest of this technique, one of 21 techniques for reprogramming your mind for an amazing life, please refer to technique # 10 in Singer's book, "Little Voice" Mastery.