When it comes to promotions, your marketing process should be graduated in such a way that each level of the process gets those that are interested in your product or service slightly more committed.

In other words don't go for the big sale right away.  You want to start by just isolating those that are interested in what you have to offer.

Don't waste your time and energy trying to close someone that is offering heavy resistance.  You do this by writing an enticing headline that will interest people that are looking for what you have.

Once you have their attention then you should offer them something for free.  People are more likely to try something new if they feel there is little at stake (nothing lost if they don't enjoy the experience.)

After the free sample, then you can proceed with a sales pitch for a larger sale (we recommend that you offer a "new customer" discount or deal, again to ease them further into your web.)

"Remember, the best word in sales is the word 'free.'  Make your offer a free offer."  Blair Singer

Here is the basic formula:

The first three steps in your marketing strategy.

  1. Enticing Headline
  2. Free Offer
  3. Sales Letter

Headlines catch attention and lead to free offers, free offers generate interest from your target market and qualify members for your database.  Once you have collected qualified names in your database you are ready to send out a sales letter or e-mail.

Remember the rule of thumb in sales is:  Give First.

"A great entrepreneur knows that you have to put something out there first in order to get something back."  Blair Singer

The most favored word in the sales process is FREE.

When you are preparing an add ask yourself, "What can I give away for free that adds value to, or best defines my product or service?"

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An excerpt from Blair Singer's book, "The ABC's of Building a Business Team That Wins."    

"I assert that everyone can lead and that everyone leads at some time or another in life.  Not everyone can lead a multinational corporation, and not everyone can lead a family of five.   

But in our respective worlds we all have the opportunity to lead.  There have been hundreds of books written on leadership.  

There are "level - 5 leaders," servant leaders, charismatic leaders and so forth.  Some push from behind, pull from the front, inspire from the middle...  I could go on.  

I subscribe to what I call 'the Roulette Wheel of Leadership.'   

Sooner or later the ball drops on your number and you have the chance to offer direction, inspiration, support, education or advice.  

One hopes that will happen more than once.  It's whether you have the courage in that moment to step up and lead that matters.  

You may not follow any 'popular' descriptions of what a leader is, but you lead nonetheless.  

We were all born with natural gifts.  And in this lifetime it is our job to discover and deliver them.   

When that happens, you will lead.  Not because you want to, but because it's natural for you to do what you are best at.   

When that happens, others will follow you to learn.  

In order to establish a great team, you have to lead.  You may not be the designated leader, or maybe you are.   

Either way, you have to sell your ideas, teach others how to improve and rally your team.   

You don't have to be superhuman to learn or use leadership skills.   

But every time you use them, you'll be leading."  

For more on leadership and establishing an invisible code of honor that will take ordinary people and turn them into a championship team, please refer to Blair Singer's book, "The ABC's of Building a Business Team That Wins."
An excerpt from Blair Singer's book, "Little Voice" Mastery.    

"Have you ever asked yourself:  "Am I doing the right thing?  Why am I doing this?  Why am I pushing these people so hard?  Is this the right thing to do?  Is this the right time to be doing this?  

Does this sound familiar?  It should.  Every great business owner, teacher, or parent that I have ever encountered has had a natural tenancy to question him or herself.  

They've been able to step outside of themselves to address and manage the little voice inside.  

Yet it's one thing to be introspective and another to over-analyze and wallow in the mire of indecisiveness.  That's little voice management stuck in the swamp.  

Therefore, there is a second key to their greatness:  

In the face of doubt... take action anyway!  

Sure, fear comes up.  Sure, you doubt yourself.  Sure, you question yourself.  But there comes a time when you have to have enough little voice control to override the questions and simply take action anyway.  

Without movement, there is only theory and speculation....no ability to experiment, test, and correct.  

Yet, not everybody chooses that path.  Many simply go into "unconscious mode," complaining about how they have no control, how they are simply victims of what is happening around them.  

Never once do they ask themselves, "Is this the right thing to do?  What is the value of taking on this challenge?  Why am I so afraid?  What would be the benefit of going for it?"  
In business, this can mean the difference between playing a big game or a very small one.  If you choose to think like the average employee, you will see yourself as being at the mercy of your boss, the economy... everything.  

You merely live a life in which you do as you're told.  At that point, you surrender your power and truly become a victim."  

For more on winning the war between your ears in 30 seconds or less and having an extraordinary life through the mastery of Blair Singer's "little voice" techniques click here.
As you may already know, your ability to sell is vital to your success in life.  Whether you realize it or not you sell yourself on a daily basis.  Not just at work but in your personal life as well.  

How well you present yourself directly impacts your ability to get what you want.  

The following is a formula that will increase your success in sales and life.  This process is intended to precede your presentation and will work for large groups as well as individuals.  

Step 1:  Scan your audience.  Feel out your audience's energy.  If they are lively and attentive you are ready to present.  If not, create energy and interest by being energetic or interesting.  Be creative.  

Step 2:  Ask two enrolling questions.  It's good to be interesting, it's better to be interested.  Show your concern for your audiences' needs.  Get them involved early.  Fight boredom by engaging your audience.  

Step 3:  Acknowledge your audience and thank them.  Compliment your audience on a wise choice for attending.  Thank them for coming, let them know that you understand that their time is valuable.  

Step 4:  Earn the right to their time and attention.  Take a brief moment to introduce yourself.  Mention your accolades, education and experience.  Explain why you are worthy of their time.  Don't spend too long here, remember your presentation should always be about the audience first, you second.  

Step 5:  Convey the benefits (WIIFM?)  Explain what the audience will come away with by the end of your presentation.  Sell the presentation.  Answer the question "What's in it for me?"   Once you have covered all these steps you will have checked most peoples' cynicism, and will have their permission to talk about your process, product or service.  

For much more detail on sales presentations please refer to our Powerful Sales Presentations Training Kit.