An excerpt from SalesDogs by author and CEO of SalesPartners Worldwide, Blair Singer.

Play To Your Strength

"I am a firm believer that you should know your strength and play to it.  Yet sometimes your strengths can get in the way of excellence.

Early on in my career, I discovered this to be true for myself.  One of my natural attributes is that I am skilled at studying, analyzing and adapting the qualities of others.  I have spent a good deal of time admiring and researching the success of others.

I have always figured that if they were more successful than me, there was something they had - some special trait that propelled them to the top.  It became my goal to understand and acquire that trait.

Not bad thinking, except when it is taken to the extreme.  When you totally mask your own spirit, spark and uniqueness to emulate someone else it becomes a deterrent to developing your own identity.  You surrender your own strengths in the pursuit of acquiring the strengths of others.

The result for me was that there have been times when I tried to actually become someone else.  Don't get me wrong, modeling the strengths of others is one of the most powerful tactics you can use to increase your own power.  However, I discovered very early on that trying to be someone else only ends in frustration, struggle, unhappiness and poor results.

Many of my friends, even to this day, are very strong, aggressive individuals.  They have the ability to push and coerce others into agreement through sheer persistence, boldness, strength and power.  While I enjoy participating in that energy, I have never been one to bully or confront others into a position of submission.

Many would think that with my lack of aggressiveness I would make a very poor salesperson.  But fortunately, my personal success is proof to the contrary.

I often find myself seemingly trapped in difficult situations, only to manage to wiggle out with seconds to spare.  Through it all, I have found that my natural tendency to seek peace rather than war and my ability to turn nasty situations into favorable events have paid tremendous dividends."

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