The Most agressive  SalesDogs "breed" is the Pit Bull.  They are the most unrelenting of all SalesDogs and with proper training they can be your most  successful salesperson. Without guidance they can  also be your most frustrated. 

Michael E. Gerber is the founder and CEO of E-Myth Worldwide.  He is also the bestselling author of The E-Myth Manager, The E-Myth Physician, The E-Myth Contractor and E-Myth Mastery as well as a highly sought-after speaker and small business revolutionary.  

In his book The E-Myth Revisited, Gerber describes the E-Myth as the entrepreneurial myth:  the myth that most people who start small businesses are entrepreneurs and as a result they fall victim to the fatal assumption.

The following is an excerpt from Gerber's book:

The Fatal Assumption   "It is an assumption made by all technicians that go into business for themselves, one that charts the course of a business - from Grand Opening to Liquidation - the moment it is made.  

The fatal assumption is:  if you understand the technical work of a business, you understand a business that does that technical work.
And the reason it's fatal is that it just isn't true.  In fact it's the root cause of most small business failures.  The technical work of a business and a business that does that technical work are two totally different things!  

But the technician who starts a business fails to see this.  To the technician a business is not a business but a place to go to work.

So the carpenter, or the electrician, or the plumber becomes a contractor.  The barber opens up a barber shop.  The technical writer starts a technical writing business.  The hairdresser starts a beauty salon.  The engineer goes into the semiconductor business.  The musician opens up a music store.

All of them believing that by understanding the technical work of the business they are immediately and eminently qualified to run a business that does that kind of work.

And it's simply not true!  In fact, rather than being their greatest single asset, knowing the technical work of their business becomes their greatest single liability."  

For over two decades E-Myth Worldwide has been helping "technicians" rekindle their entrepreneurial spirit and relocate their original vision.  SalesPartners shares this passion for helping by training "technical" business owners to become entrepreneurs, thereby saving their businesses from failure.