When it comes to promotions, your marketing process should be graduated in such a way that each level of the process gets those that are interested in your product or service slightly more committed.

In other words don't go for the big sale right away.  You want to start by just isolating those that are interested in what you have to offer.

Don't waste your time and energy trying to close someone that is offering heavy resistance.  You do this by writing an enticing headline that will interest people that are looking for what you have.

Once you have their attention then you should offer them something for free.  People are more likely to try something new if they feel there is little at stake (nothing lost if they don't enjoy the experience.)

After the free sample, then you can proceed with a sales pitch for a larger sale (we recommend that you offer a "new customer" discount or deal, again to ease them further into your web.)

"Remember, the best word in sales is the word 'free.'  Make your offer a free offer."  Blair Singer

Here is the basic formula:

The first three steps in your marketing strategy.

  1. Enticing Headline
  2. Free Offer
  3. Sales Letter

Headlines catch attention and lead to free offers, free offers generate interest from your target market and qualify members for your database.  Once you have collected qualified names in your database you are ready to send out a sales letter or e-mail.

Remember the rule of thumb in sales is:  Give First.

"A great entrepreneur knows that you have to put something out there first in order to get something back."  Blair Singer

The most favored word in the sales process is FREE.

When you are preparing an add ask yourself, "What can I give away for free that adds value to, or best defines my product or service?"

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