The following is an excerpt from Blair Singer's book "Little Voice" Mastery.  Today we are featuring technique # 7 of 21 proven techniques to re-programming the Little Voice in your brain in 30 seconds.

How to Overcome the Fear of Making Mistakes

Adapted from Joseph McClendon III, co-author of Unlimited Power: A Black Choice with Anthony Robbins.

"I'll call this stage fright, because anybody who presents, and anybody in sales, will know that unless you get a little knot in the pit of your stomach before a presentation, you're just not normal. 

I still get it after all these years, and I think everybody does.  But I have an interesting way to deal with this.

Even Barbara Streisand, who would get nauseated from her stage fright, or world-class tennis players who get the butterflies use this method.

It's called celebrating mistakes.  I know it sounds silly, but it's a total reprogramming or rewriting of your brain.

So (when you feel nervous) take both hands, thrust them in the air, and shout, "Yeah!" to celebrate.  It's simple - just put yourself in a quiet place, thrust your arms out, and yell, "Yeah!"

Pretend it's a win and celebrate.  Do it a few times.  I know it sounds a bit Looney Tunes, but if you repeat it enough times - and it only takes about 30 seconds - you're wiring your brain to celebrate whenever you get nervous.

Think about the repercussions of that.  It means that you're learning to love taking risks."

For more on overcoming your fear of making mistakes and the rest of Singer's 21 life changing techniques please refer to his book "Little Voice" Mastery.

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