Code of Honor Training Kit  

Once a group decides that it wants to really operate as a tight high performance team, it must set the operating tolerances at varying degrees of tightness depending on how high performance they want to be.  Most organizations have operational standards for producing and delivering their goods or services, but have no behavioral standards that govern the conduct between team members or clients. 

Standards must be created by the team itself and should be created based upon the specific behavioral upsets and or problems that are unique to that team.  Standards must also be policed by the team itself.  In other words if a standard is breached any or all team members are obligated to "call it."    

There is an appropriate time, place and way to call it that does not humiliate the offending individual.  Remember that public criticism is very difficult for most people to take well. 
Here are some hints on "calling it":

1.      Use non-threatening language and tonality.  Cool off if necessary first.  

2.      Use the word "we" and appeal to the benefit of the team rather than making it a personal issue.

3.      Best to call another person on something in private, one-to-one.

4.      Qualify your concern about their reaction if necessary and your true intent in improving life for everyone concerned... not about 'blazing' anyone.  Lead with personal fears, emotions and considerations in the beginning of the conversation (i.e.  "I have been a bit afraid to communicate this to you for fear of...") 

For more on teamwork, employee conduct and the five remaining tips on "calling it" please refer to our Code of Honor Training Kit.

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