Hey everybody, it's me Jason Everett, and thanks for taking the time out with me today to learn a little bit about how you can grow your business, and what you can do. 
I recently had an experience I just wanted to share with you because it not only changed my view on customer service, but changed my view of the business specifically. So if you can't alter somebody's opinion by just a couple actions, by just a few degrees shift...
What could you possibly do to get more income, better clients, happier people, and more repeat customers?  This is important because it takes ten times the money to get a new customer as it does to continue to sell to your ongoing customers.

So I want to talk to you about this because I typically have a luxury car, and I go to a luxury car dealership. I usually have a very high quality of customer service experience. I recently did buy another vehicle. I bought a non-luxury brand vehicle, and I took it in to go get service, and it was actually at the Chevrolet dealership. So I took it in to go get it serviced, and was completely blown away by their level of customer service.  In fact, I didn't really think about it when I first called them. I called down to book the appointment, and the gal was extremely friendly on the phone. She was very thorough, and asked me how my day was going, and wanted to know how long I'd had the vehicle... She had this great list of questions that she was asking me:
She asked me about what the long-term goals where.If this was something that I needed to get done really quickly, or Are you interested in keeping this vehicle long-term?
Again, really great questions to keep me engaged and focused.

I gave her some details and at the end of the call I said you know, "how long have you been doing this?" To which she said, "well I've been doing this for 10 years." I said, I don't know how often this happens, but I just wanted to tell you that I am extremely impressed with your level customer service.  She said, "Well I really appreciate that, thank you very much, and that means a lot. Is there anything else I can do for you? We'll schedule your vehicle and make sure you have a great day!"
I thought, Man, this is like the best customer service experience I have ever had. I thought, well this is very odd experience. I wouldn't have expected this on a regular non- luxury car type brand. Now my customer service experience did not stop there, however. In fact, after my service, I got a phone call follow-up from the service advisor, after
I got my vehicle back asking did everything go the exact way you wanted? Did your car turn out the exact way you wanted it as I want to make sure you are happy with your overall experience. And I was like "Yeah, well thanks for calling me, I do appreciate that."
Then, the next day, I got an email from them sending me a customer satisfaction survey that said, Jason we just wanted you to know that we value your time. We value your experience. Please let us know how it was, and there were just three simple questions for me: Such as, can you rate us on a scale of 1-10 as we live for our customer service, please let us know if we did anything that would prevent you from rating as a 10. 
I thought, Man these guys are on top of it because I've had two separate touches beside my initial one.  Then I went to open my mail the other day and what do I have in the mail? A hand written note from the service advisor thanking me for going in and giving them my business. And then today I got another phone call from their customer service manager at the dealership calling me and saying, "Hey I know you worked with so-and-so, and customer service we take very strongly here at our dealership. We just want to make sure if there's anything we could have done to make your visit with us any better, or if you were totally happy." I was like holy cow these people had five touches with me.  I just went in for a very basic service at the dealership, but I have to say that sometimes people don't go to dealership because they're more expensive or whatever that reason is but my question to you is: Do you have 5 touches for customer service to provide what are called CNE's, or what are called Critical Non-Essentials. Meaning they are touches that if they weren't there, the customer wouldn't be upset about it, but because those five touches are there you've now enhanced the customer service experience. You've now given them more a reason to do business with you.
So my challenge to you is take a look at your customer service system and say okay what are 5 things we can do for you that add value to our clients and give us an enhanced customer service to give us feedback from the client? 
I saw a quote the other day that said, "You will learn the most valuable lessons from your unhappy customers." And so, if they give me negative feedback, that's one of the best things that you can learn, and if they give you positive feedback that means you have a great customer for life. So that's it for me, Jason Everett, on today's video newsletter. 

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