An excerpt from Blair Singer's book, "The ABC's of Building a Business Team That Wins."    

"I assert that everyone can lead and that everyone leads at some time or another in life.  Not everyone can lead a multinational corporation, and not everyone can lead a family of five.   

But in our respective worlds we all have the opportunity to lead.  There have been hundreds of books written on leadership.  

There are "level - 5 leaders," servant leaders, charismatic leaders and so forth.  Some push from behind, pull from the front, inspire from the middle...  I could go on.  

I subscribe to what I call 'the Roulette Wheel of Leadership.'   

Sooner or later the ball drops on your number and you have the chance to offer direction, inspiration, support, education or advice.  

One hopes that will happen more than once.  It's whether you have the courage in that moment to step up and lead that matters.  

You may not follow any 'popular' descriptions of what a leader is, but you lead nonetheless.  

We were all born with natural gifts.  And in this lifetime it is our job to discover and deliver them.   

When that happens, you will lead.  Not because you want to, but because it's natural for you to do what you are best at.   

When that happens, others will follow you to learn.  

In order to establish a great team, you have to lead.  You may not be the designated leader, or maybe you are.   

Either way, you have to sell your ideas, teach others how to improve and rally your team.   

You don't have to be superhuman to learn or use leadership skills.   

But every time you use them, you'll be leading."  

For more on leadership and establishing an invisible code of honor that will take ordinary people and turn them into a championship team, please refer to Blair Singer's book, "The ABC's of Building a Business Team That Wins."

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