(An excerpt from "Little Voice" Mastery by Blair Singer, adapted from Lynn Grabberhorn and her book "Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting.")  "Have you ever been excited about a great idea you've had, and when you shared it with someone else, he or she looked at you, unfazed, and said, "Yeah, so?" You were enthusiastic and the other person was apathetic.  

On an emotional scale, they're light years apart.  In fact, you'd find "apathy" somewhere close to "dead" on that scale, just below fear, sadness, anger, or frustration.  And probably right up top, you'd find "enthusiasm."

So, your job in this technique is to identify where you or someone else falls on the emotional scale, and to help that emotion to rise up the scale accordingly.

For example, I might say to myself, "I'd rather be enthusiastic right now."

And then I'd ask myself, "Well, where am I on the emotional scale?"

"Well," my little voice might say, "I just don't care."

"No, it's not that I don't care.  I'm just afraid."

"Is it really fear?"

"No, it's not fear.  It's frustration.  That's what it is.  I'm frustrated."

"So what's the frustration?"

"Well, I can't seem to get the resources I need to get all of these projects completed on time..."

Once I've identified the emotion I'm really feeling, then I can ask myself, "How do I want to feel right now?  Do I want to feel enthusiastic?  Do I want to feel depressed?

Ask yourself how you want to feel and then allow yourself to feel it.  If you can't make yourself feel it, recall a time in the past when you did feel it, or at least a time that put a smile on your face.

One moment I like to recall is when I watched my son kick his first goal into the net in a soccer game.  I smile every time I think of him jumping up and down with that big, Cheshire cat-grin plastered on his face.

Before I know it, I'm back to where I want to be emotionally."

For the rest of "Little Voice" Mastery Technique # 16:  How to CHOOSE How You Want To Feel as well as 20 additional life changing techniques, please refer to Singer's book, "Little Voice" Mastery.

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