An excerpt from the SalesDogs Automatic Lead Generator System written by Alexi Neocleous.  

Certain words have proven themselves over and over again to be extraordinarily persuasive.  These words (which I call "The Illustrious 28") arouse the highest levels of interest and attention...and thus...should be utilized in your headlines and throughout your advertisements.
In the English language, two words may have the same meaning, but result in dramatically different emotional reactions because of their association.
For example compare these two sentences:
"I understand there's a new child in your family."
"I understand there's a new baby in your family."
The word baby is emotive.  Consider the following example:
"When are you moving into your new house?"
"When are you moving into your new home?"
The Illustrious 28  (Here are the first seven, for the remaining 21 of the illustrious 28 see our Automatic Lead Generator Training Kit.)

Endeavor to use these words in your headlines and advertisements as often as possible.
Use these words and you'll be amazed at your results.  Just turn to any major tabloid magazine and you'll see words from this list are draped all over their covers.  Why do you think that is?  Because they sell magazines.
Two words from this list however have especially persuasive properties.  To find out what they are please refer to our Automatic Lead Generator Training Kit. 

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