The Internet is changing the way that many of us do business.  It is estimated that 1.7 billion people (and counting)  have Internet service worldwide.  Not only is it possible to do monetary transactions on the Internet, but the Internet has become a great way to advertise as well.

Obviously you could purchase adds through search engines and various webpages, but those pay-per click/impression adds can add up in cost quickly and are often times ineffective.

The best way to drive traffic your way is to get to the top of a search engine.  People use search engines for 3 main reasons:  Information, Entertainment and Commerce.  We are all looking for something to know, do or buy.  In every case the searcher is looking to make a decision.  You need to help them choose you.

Typically people will click on the first link that pops up - you want this to be your link.  To do this without paying money you have to increase your relevance.  To increase your relevance you have to be popular.  In order to be popular you have to increase the span of your Brand or message.  The best way to accomplish this feat is to get your brand or message to go viral.

Viral videos or stories are great ways to make people aware of your product or service, however they can be tricky to make.  Below are 4 tips to creating a viral video or story.  These 4 characteristics are present in every viral message:

1.  Have a strong emotional appeal.  Can you think of an amazing or miraculous story to tell?  How does it pertain to your business?  How did you help somebody improve their life?

2.  Seem fresh and new, like something you've never seen before.  Do you have a new angle on something?  What is your niche?  What do you offer that is interesting or exciting?

3.  Ask for immediate action.  Obviously you want to attach your brand and a link to your website, but also ask the viewer for their input and participation.

4.  Ask the viewers to share your message with people they know.  This is truly what will make your message take off.  People will share your story with others if you have a message of great value or interest.

Once you've created your content ask everyone you know to send it to everyone they know.  Always use any partnerships or affiliates that you may have to your advantage, no matter how few they may be.

Post links to your content on as many websites as you can.  The object of Internet marketing is to cast a large net of links back to your website.

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