Hi everybody. It's Jason Everett, from Business Refuel. And today I want to talk to you about John Maxwell's, "Five Levels of Leadership". For a lot of people they think leadership is all about telling people what do to, or you get signed to a specific position so congratulations you're a leader. Because my question is always; How do you lead when you're put into a position of leadership, and you weren’t necessarily ready for it. In fact, that's how I got involved with what I do today. Is all of a sudden I went from managing a team, to managing a team of over 45. I needed to look into, how do I increase and grow my leadership skills? So in John Maxwell's, "Five Levels of Leadership," he talks about that there are different levels that people are given in Leadership. 

Level number One, is what he calls Position Based Leadership. It's basically where people follow you because they have to, because you've been signed a position. And they want to be involved because, well frankly, their job depends on it. That's level one leadership, where somebody gets assigned to a leadership position.

Now Level Two is where people actually Give You Permission to be their leader. Meaning they follow you because they want to follow you. It's because they say hey you're a great leader, I'd like to follow you as a leader.

Now Level Three leadership, is what is called Production Based leadership. It's people follow you because of what you've done. Maybe you are an expert in this specific area, they've seen that level of success, and so they want to create that same level of success.

Now Level number Four of leadership in John Maxwell's, "Five Levels of Leadership," is People Development. Meaning, people follow you because of what you've done for them. Meaning that if you help them grow, or you help them succeed, or you help them accomplish something. They want to follow you because they feel there's a benefit. There's something in it for them.

Now Level Five leadership is just pinnacle. Which is people follow you out of Respect. People follow you because of just simply who you are. Now I think of level five leadership, I think of people like John F. Kennedy. I think of people like Martin Luther King. I think of people like Gandhi. Where literately even after they've passed away, people follow what they believed in. They follow what they were for, because of who they were as individuals.

So my challenge for you this week, is to take a look at the people around you:

A- If you follow people, well why do you follow them? On what level of the one, two, three, four, five levels do you follow them for? 

B- Take a look at if you're in a leadership position. Who follows you on the team, and what reason do you think they follow you for? And if you think there's a lot of people who follow you because of right's base position. You probably need to read the book John Maxwell's, "Five Levels of Leadership," or call down to our office. We'd happily talk to you about what you can do to increase your leadership skills.

So that's it for this weeks Video Newsletter. Until then, have a great week.

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