If you want to be successful in business you have to have a plan (or map.)  Consider a scenario where two men are dropped (separately) into the wilderness and told that there is a town thirty miles West of them.

 Now imagine that one has a map and the other has nothing.  Who do you think will reach the town first?  The man with the map of course.  Why is that?

 The man without the map could easily determine West by the setting sun, but without landmarks to guide him he could easily miss his goal or he might struggle with self-doubt as the time passes without reference to the distance he's traveled.

 If you are just plodding along (Westward bound) on a day to day basis in your business, how can you ever expect to find your destination?  Do you even have a destination?

 In business the best way to make your map is to first locate your destination.  Then consult a person that has already traveled your path and let them give you landmarks to achieve.  This is the process by which a SalesPartners Mentor operates.

 If you want to be successful in business all you have to do is master 10 areas of your business/life.  Below are four of the ten major areas on which you should focus your energies and a rhetorical question to get you moving in the right direction.

 These questions will help you to locate your landmarks on the path to success.

 1.  Sales - What sales targets and incentives do you have in place to ensure that you blast through your business goals for 2011?

 2.  Marketing - What are the top 3 strategies that you are going to employ in 2011 in order to crush your opposition?

 3.  Customer Service - What is your plan to identify the key characteristics of your ideal customer and then adjust your marketing to be a magnet for more of them?

 4.  Team Culture - What is your plan to make sure that your team is loyal and aggressive in achieving their goals?

 For questions for the remaining ten areas (Productivity, Leadership, Strategic Planning, Financial Operations, Bottom Line and Personal) please contact your local SalesPartner

 If you feel like you are on the right path but you are struggling with self-doubt we recommend that you read Blair Singer's book,

"Little Voice" Mastery.

 Or if you are feeling lost in your business on a day to day basis and had trouble answering any of the questions above we recommend that you contact your local SalesPartner and set up a complimentary mentoring session ASAP.  These mentors are trained professionals and expert "map-makers" for small and large businesses alike.

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