How to Create Interest in Your Business in Less Than 30 Seconds
You never know where you are going to meet your next customer.  It could be anywhere, the coffee shop, a department store, an elevator, etc.  These fleeting interactions are great opportunities to spread awareness of your business or product.
Since you may have a very limited window of time and attention you need to be ready with a quick explanation of what you do.  We call this an Elevator Pitch.
The purpose of an Elevator Pitch is to create clarity about what you do and to compel somebody to take immediate action on some small step.  It is not necessarily about making a complete sale.
Start by stating who you are and what you do briefly, clearly, and concisely.
Remember:  An Elevator Pitch by definition is short:  Something you would say in a very brief period of time, preferably so short you could write it on the back of a business card.
When writing your first draft imagine that you are writing what you do on the back of a business card.  Limit the description to 10-15 words.
To familiarize yourself with the benefits you provide clients, make a list of what you do and the benefits those activities create for other people.  Keep this list handy.
Ask yourself now, "What do I do to benefit others?"
Now refine your pitch even more by combining the elements.  Follow this format:
"I help others...(fill in what you do)... so that they can...(fill in benefit to others)."
An Elevator Pitch compels people to take some immediate action on some small step of the sales process.
List three different actions you might want someone to take as a result of your elevator pitch.  (Example:  appointment, survey, analysis, phone call, etc.)
Make sure you fashion your pitch with your desired outcome in mind.
It is important to honor the person with whom you are speaking by asking for permission to talk to them.  It is also critical to get them to open up to you right away.  You do all of the above by asking a few key questions.
For these questions and more on creating an elevator pitch please refer to our Powerful Sales Presentations Training Kit.
If you would like some help with the development of your Elevator Pitch please contact your local SalesPartner today.  Your first consultation is free!
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