Enhance The Teaching and Training Experience By Answering These Questions: What's In It For Me (WIIIFM), Is It Worth It (IIWI), & Can I Do IT (CIDI)?

When you put yourself in your employee's shoes, or student for that matter, you can better connect with them.  This simple technique will allow you to capture their attention and keep their interest with whatever technique you are attempting to teach them.
Be relatable, offer things they will be interested in such as foreshadowing ways they can work less, increase their income, or grow within the organization simply by learning and applying the new methods you are teaching. Be sure they see the link between the training and their job, i.e.:  With said skill, you will be able to work much more quickly and efficiently, etc.
Also, be sure to create a mood of motivation during the training.  Offering award/certifications for their time and efforts help validate the process as well. You can even recognize them in the company newsletter.
Don't forget to implement  the new skill as much as possible immediately after, creating repetition will create a habit of using their new skill.

The classic of all classics is the faithful old Basset Hound. This sad old companion will stick with you through thick and thin, they are constant and dependable. Their ability to build strong, loyal and long-term relationships through sheer strength of personality and personal rapport is amazing.  Never underestimate the value of a Basset Hound.

Could you be a Basset Hound?

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The Chihuahua adds a whole new dimension to the sales kennel.  This breeds contribution to sales must not be underestimated. Do not be fooled by their small size. While Pit bulls may establish the initial contact, Chihuahuas are absolutely essential for delivering the proof. Could you be a Chihuahua?

To find out which breed of SalesDog you are, visit: www.SalesDogs.com


Poodles know the importance of image & appearance better than any breed!

Many inferior products and services can outsell superior ones, simply by appearing to be better.  Perception is more powerful than reality and no-one knows the importance of this to sales succes than the poodle.  Their ability to position their products and services can make them among the highest paid SalesDogs in the kennel.

To find out which breed of SalesDog you are, visit: www.SalesDogs.com

Everyone's favorite type of SalesDog is the Golden Retriever. Customer service is everything to the Golden Retriever.  Through providing exceptional service they forge lasting connections, they just need to remember to try to sell something.  Their attention to long-term service fuels their succes!  To find out which breed of SalesDog you are, visit: www.SalesDogs.com. 


The Most agressive  SalesDogs "breed" is the Pit Bull.  They are the most unrelenting of all SalesDogs and with proper training they can be your most  successful salesperson. Without guidance they can  also be your most frustrated. 

Identify your personal SalesDogs "breed" so you can play to your strengths and experience "break-out" effectiveness.  

"When it comes to Networking, you must be PRESENT to Win." -Jason Everett

Welcome to our first Video Newsletter!

How are people networking incorrectly — why do they need scripts to help them (what are they saying wrong)? First: be sure you know what you offer. What is unique and special about you, your skills and your accomplishments? Once you know what you offer, it’s much easier to market yourself to potential clients. Be prepared.  See (above) video for more information.
Have you ever found yourself gripped by dread in anticipation of a sales call? Have you ever fumbled through a closing situation only to lose an opportunity and be left stewing in regret? 

If you have... that's great! At least you are trying. We have all experienced this, and not just in sales; in interviews, new schools, on a date, etc. It is natural to be nervous when we are new to something. 

We all wish we could be naturally confident but this is not the case for a vast majority of us and that's ok. However, in business or sales confidence is paramount to success. So here is the quickest way to get it: Immersion

Just jump in. Confidence builds through experience. We often hear about immersion in language, but it is true for other areas of life as well. 

Imagine you're at the top of a steep mountain with skis clipped to your boots. Your confidence is waning. Yet, once you start going down the slope, it doesn't matter whether you have confidence or not. Your immediate concern is just staying alive. But, once you've made it, you feel great because you did it. You then have more confidence to try it again. The next time you try the same downhill run, it won't be nearly as difficult. 

Confidence is something you worry about before you take on a task... not as much when you are in it.

It's about being resourceful and figuring out a way down that mountain, because otherwise you're going to get hurt. It's the same in business. If you're already in a negotiation, you don't have time to worry about whether you're confident or credible. You just have to get through it. You have to be resourceful and do what you have to do. 

Get yourself in as deep and as quickly as you possibly can. 

You may not succeed, but you will have obtained a ton of experience that will contribute to your success in the future. 

For more tips on building confidence please refer to Blair Singer's book, Little Voice Mastery and learn how to win the war between your ears in 30 seconds or less and have an extraordinary life.