When it comes to hiring staff it is important to remember that the people that you surround yourself with have the ability to bring you up or break you down.  What you should be looking for in a teammate is somebody that will support you and hold you to high standards. 

The ability to question your decisions objectively is a great quality in a staff member, but too much negativity or resistance to conform to your organization's processes is a detriment to your business.

Here are six qualities to look for in current or prospective employees that will indicate whether or not your employee is, or will be, a valuable part of your team.

1.  Energy.  Our motto at SalesPartners is, "Highest energy wins."  Energy is contagious, it makes people gravitate to you.  Are your staff members inquisitive, engaging, positive, always looking to help?

2.  Insatiable Desire to Win.  Are your staff always looking to be the best, or are they just waiting for the day's end to pick up their paycheck?

3.  Willingness to Let A Teammate Win.  Are your star players willing to sit the bench and cheer on another if it's best for the team?

4.  Personal Responsibility.  Are your staff members able to own up their mistakes without blaming others or justifying their actions.

5.  Submission to the Code.  Does your staff member follow, and agree with, the rules?

6.  Unique Talent or Ability.  When you assemble your team make sure that you put them in their proper role.  You want each staff member to be focused on what they do best.

If your team members, or perspective members, don't posses all of these qualities then maybe they are just not a good fit for your company.

If you are having problems with a team member you'd be well advised to meet with them and discuss their goals to assure that everybody is on the same page.

For more information on the six qualities of a great team player please refer to Blair Singer's book The ABC's of Building a Business Team That Wins.

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