When it comes to success there is one major characteristic that separates the rich from the rest - their mindset.  Your mindset is a conglomerate of your beliefs, training, experiences, etc.  It is the process by which you operate.  It is your past shaping your present.
Successful people have either been born pre-wired or have reprogrammed themselves to believe that they are or will be successful.

If you walk into a sale with the belief that a client is not going to buy, it becomes a likely outcome.  Most likely when this happens you are recalling a previous pitch with a similar client that didn't go well. 

If you are going to have any luck in your current sale you need to focus on what you learned from your previous experience and forget the rest.

If you are not where you want to be in life you need to re-evaluate your mindset.  (For help with the evaluation and re-programming of your mindset please refer to Blair Singer's book "Little Voice" Mastery or attend one of our workshops.)

You also need to evaluate what it is you are and what it is you want to be, so that you can see if your mindset matches your goals.

In Robert Kiyosaki's Cashflow Quadrant, Robert explains that there a four types of workers in this world; employees, self-employed, business owners and investors. 

Not only are these positions but they are mindsets as well.  An employee is willing to trade their time for pay, the self-employed only makes money when they work, a business owner makes money to delegate their work, and the investor makes money by lending money and does little else.

Most of the workers in the world fall into the categories of employee and self-employed, however a vast majority of the world's money lies in the hands of the business owner and the investor.

Look at what you want in life.  Are you content with a simple life - security, family and a hobby?  If so you have the mindset of the employed.  If this is the case you would be horribly unhappy and unsuccessful as a business owner.

One of the biggest problems with businesses today is that most business owners operate as if they were self-employed.  They think they have to be involved in every process of the business (our SalesPartners are experts in assisting business owners in the establishment and automation of the systems that govern your business.  Call today for a free assessment.)  A true business owner wants to make loads of money without lifting a finger.

Ask yourself these questions:  What position am I currently in?  Which position best matches my mindset?  What do I want?  How do I define success?

Your answers should provide you a personal roadmap to success and happiness. 

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