Great leaders are people that are able to influence many different types of people.  If you want to hold somebody's attention and inspire them to help you, then you need to earn their respect.

Whether you are a manager, teacher or salesperson you need to know the fundamentals of great leadership in order to be successful.

Below are the 3 ingredients that make a leader highly influential:

1.  Enter their world -
  • Speak and lead in their language
  • Always check in with them as people before instructing them
  • Ask about their lives
  • Tell them what you love about their work and why you appreciate them
  • Ask for their input
  • Give them a partnership role
  • Use their ideas
2.  Earn the right

  • Build a relationship with trust and partnership
  • Listen
  • Teambuild
  • Walk your talk
  • Share who you are with them
  • Find out who they are as a person
  • Share personal goals
  • Trust them and earn their trust
3.  Tap their WIIFM (What's in it for me?)
  • Give your request some meaning and significance in their world
  • Give them a reason to WANT to do it themselves - not just for you
  • Ask yourself "What's going on in this person's world right now?"  and start the conversation from that point
  • Share your perspective, but ask from their perspective
  • Create and opening for success for them within your request
 Just remember that if you want your employees, students or clients to be willing to help you, then you must earn their respect, and the best way to do that is to pay them respect first.

For much more detail on influence and great leadership please refer to our High Impact Training & Presentations training kit.

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