Hey everybody it's Jason Everett, and welcome back to another Video Newsletter. Today on this Video Newsletter I want to talk about energy, and the reason I want to talk about energy (and if you've been to any of my programs you know this) is that two people come together in business, life, or relationship, or anything like that, and the person with the highest energy generally WINS. So I want to break down for you six different areas that I will uncover how do you change your level of energy in a moments notice, and take an evaluation what we call an energy audit of how you look at that.

So the acronym I want to use to help you remember this is P.E.R.S.O.N. Okay, so in the word PERSON, there are six letters. So P stands for your Physical energy. Like how physically fit are you, are you working out, are you taking care of your body, and is your workout habit helping you to get more energy in your life, or is it taking away from you? So again your physical energy plays into that.

So E stands for your Emotional energy. Meaning how many emotions do you have inside a given day, are you the type of person who experiences a wide range of emotions, everywhere from happiness, to sadness, and every emotion in between there, or do you find that you're often trapped in a couple of emotional homes? Meaning your constantly frustrated, or aggravated, or angry, because if you're trapped in those emotions you don't have a good emotional range. You should be able to flow in and out of any of those emotions. Okay, so emotions.

Third is Relational or Relationship. Okay? So as far as energy is concerned. Are your relationship around you, meaning your friends, family, or your significant other... are those relationships helping you, or are they hurting you? Are they adding energy to you, or are they draining energy away from you?

And so, again, the top three; P-E-R, and now we come to S, which S stands for Spiritual. Know your spiritual energy, and again whether it's God, the great spirit, or just the universe at large. What is your own spirituality? Do you have a good understanding of what that is, do you know where you stand, or are you constantly in a state of question? And I don't mean to make this a religious discussion, but if you look at it and say “What is your own spirituality? ”, and is that energy helping you to raise your spirits and to lift your energy, or because you are in conflict with it, or you're not sure what you believe, then that puts you down/puts you lower in that energy category.

Then the next one is O, which stands for Occupation or your job, right? What is your own occupational energy? Are you in a job that you're passionate about that you would do whether you go paid or not, or are you in a position that you took because it happens to pay the bills, or just is what it is? And the reason that is important is, you may have to take a job from time to time that you don't want to do. But if that's bringing your energy level down, well then your energy’s going to be low in all those categories.

And last category, the end category is letter N as in your Natural energy. Or kind of your resting nurtural. Is that in your end category or your natural energy? I'm talking about energy when you were five years old. Were you a hyper kid, were you somebody who was pretty mellow, or what were you in between there? What was your natural energy? Not your natural energy now, because your energy that you're experiencing now is what you've been patterned or been conditioned over time. I want to know what your own natural energy was before.

P: Physical
E: Emotional
R: Relationship
S: Spiritual
O: Occupation
N: Natural

And so what I want you to do is take an evaluation of those six areas, and I want you to rate them on a scale of one to ten. One being the energy is very low in that category, and ten being extremely high and it's totally handled and you have it covered. And then you can kind of rate yourself in between, and then you total up your score, and divide it by the six that's in there. And that will kind of tell you what your emotional energy, or just in general, all your energy is across your entire person as an individual. And if that number is anything below an eight, you want to figure out what are the areas that you want to create and improve in your life.

So number one is you rate yourself one to ten on any of those areas. Number two you want to write down why you want to change those areas. So if you have one that is really low like below a five, it's a one or a two, that's something you need to take immediate action on. And you start with the lowest number first, and say why do you want to change that area of your life?

And then number three the third step in this process that I'll leave you with today, is you create a massive action plan, or a map for how you want to create that going forward in the future. You start mapping out, if physical is the lowest, then you need to start putting an energy plan together immediately to start bringing your energy level up. Cause if you want to start winning in life, in business, and in your relationships. You better make changes in all areas of your life, starting with those six. So have a great week and I'll talk to you soon.

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