As you may already know, your ability to sell is vital to your success in life.  Whether you realize it or not you sell yourself on a daily basis.  Not just at work but in your personal life as well.  

How well you present yourself directly impacts your ability to get what you want.  

The following is a formula that will increase your success in sales and life.  This process is intended to precede your presentation and will work for large groups as well as individuals.  

Step 1:  Scan your audience.  Feel out your audience's energy.  If they are lively and attentive you are ready to present.  If not, create energy and interest by being energetic or interesting.  Be creative.  

Step 2:  Ask two enrolling questions.  It's good to be interesting, it's better to be interested.  Show your concern for your audiences' needs.  Get them involved early.  Fight boredom by engaging your audience.  

Step 3:  Acknowledge your audience and thank them.  Compliment your audience on a wise choice for attending.  Thank them for coming, let them know that you understand that their time is valuable.  

Step 4:  Earn the right to their time and attention.  Take a brief moment to introduce yourself.  Mention your accolades, education and experience.  Explain why you are worthy of their time.  Don't spend too long here, remember your presentation should always be about the audience first, you second.  

Step 5:  Convey the benefits (WIIFM?)  Explain what the audience will come away with by the end of your presentation.  Sell the presentation.  Answer the question "What's in it for me?"   Once you have covered all these steps you will have checked most peoples' cynicism, and will have their permission to talk about your process, product or service.  

For much more detail on sales presentations please refer to our Powerful Sales Presentations Training Kit.

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