Have you ever found yourself in a situation in which you only had a moment to pitch a product or service that you provide?  Many of us have. 

Imagine that you have struck up a conversation with someone at a coffee shop and you instantly recognize them as your ideal client demographic.

How do you get them interested in your product/service right away?  Do you ramble about your experience?  Spout out a bunch of general facts, numbers, features and benefits?

The answer is no.  The key to generating instant interest is to tap into their WIIFM, or "What's in it for me?"

Everyone wants to improve their life in some way.  Chances are your product/service can help them with that.

If you want to hold someone's attention you have to offer them a reward for listening.  They want to hear how you can help them.  They would love for you to solve all of their problems.

Of course we are talking about offering them the benefits of your product/service here, but you don't want to list benefits.  You need to find this person's particular "hot button" or "x-factor." 

The key to finding this information is simply by asking questions.  Don't chase a prospective client away by talking at them.  Ask them a series of open ended questions until you get them to admit a problem that you can solve.

Then throw out your numbers, facts and testimonials to prove to them that you can deliver.  People love to talk about themselves, especially their problems.  Asking questions invites them into the conversation and allows them to vent, they will be thankful for the opportunity.

Listen to their problems carefully.  Are they lonely, overweight, sick, overworked and stressed?

You should know how your product/service can remedy these problems so you can offer a swift solution.  Take a moment to come up with as many life problems that you can think of.  Now make a list of ways that your product/service can solve them.  It would be highly beneficial to memorize this list.

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