Hey everybody it's Jason Everett from Business Refuel.  I’m excited to bring you another newsletter tip this week.  How do you, when employees are on your team, not only figure out where you are, but see if you can raise up how they're operating inside the business, and ultimately create an entire team of superstars? I also want you to take a good honest evaluation of where you are at in this process.

There's a book I've been reading called, “Tribal Leadership.” You can get it on Amazon, or you can download it on your iPad, but check out this book. It's a killer book! It talks about five different levels that people operate from in a certain level of performance. Meaning that if they operate in this as kind of their emotional home or the category that they would kind of default to if not being brought in any outside information into their space. So I'm going to bring this up in terms of if they were all wearing t-shirts that illustrate their general feelings. These would be the slogan that they would wear on their t-shirts.

So again, there is five levels we're going to start at the bottom with level one. People at level one are the kind of people that walk around thinking ‘life sucks.’ They have the negative attitude. You might know people like this. Sometimes people that don't have jobs have attitudes like this. They walk around thinking that life sucks and it's horrible, and that everybody's out to get them, and they're constantly of that victim mentality. Right? So basically, level one is they're walking around thinking life sucks.

Now level two is not really that much better, but instead of thinking that just all life sucks. They just feel that my life sucks. So they're going to put it on their t-shirt, says my life sucks. Meaning no matter what I do, everybody else can be successful, everybody else can be great, but I can't be great because of some other problem that has nothing to do with me. So they're constantly turning everything inward, and they think they have a challenge.

Now those two people can usually be weeded out in most interviews that you're going to have with people because you can pick up on that energy really quickly, but the next two are the ones that operate inside most organizations.

So after they go from life sucks to my life sucks, and the next category, level three, they move up to which is pretty interesting is I'm great and you're not. This is that superstar mentality. These are the people who come on the team and say, ‘I'm amazing, your team is horrible.. they need to follow what I do/not what they want to do, or what the rest of the team thinks is not important.’ They're really under the idea that they do everything better than the other, and so even as a business owner sometimes we fall into this category because we believe that nobody does it better me. Right? If you want it done, then I need to do it on my own. If you want it done right, I've got to do it by myself.

So what happens if we fall into this category that says I'm great you're not, so therefore I can never find good people for my team? Or that there are no good people out there to hire, I wish that I could clone myself. Does any of this language start to sound familiar?

And so if you move into level four, it's we're great they're not. Meaning that you've got a team of people around you that says hey we're a team, we come together, this person, this person, this one, or maybe hundreds of people. It can be, for example; If you worked for Coke-Cola you probably think we're great and Pepsi's not, or they think the same thing at Pepsi. We're great and Coke is not.

But ultimately if you look at amazing organizations, they don't operate off of is it one way or the other, or we're great, or they're not, but they operate off the fifth level. Which is just life is great, and life is one of the most abundant things on this planet.

There has been a lot of people over the last few years that have struggled, and think that the economy has taken away business and done all these things. And sure it has done that, but there is more of an opportunity right now in this moment for you to experience not only how great life can truly be, but how great it can be when you start transforming and changing other peoples lives in that same process.

So my challenge to you is figure out where you are at in this process. Take a real good honest audit of all the other people in your team, and challenge them to start thinking about that higher thought. So if you have a bunch of superstars that play by themselves. Figure out you take them to the next level. And if you're not sure how you do that, and you want more information on how do you create a champion level team. That's something we can support you with, or you can check out the book “Tribal Leadership.” I would highly encourage it. It's been an awesome piece for me to study, and I hope you’re studying it as well.

Have a great week! That's it for me, Jason Everett.

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