Enhance The Teaching and Training Experience By Answering These Questions: What's In It For Me (WIIIFM), Is It Worth It (IIWI), & Can I Do IT (CIDI)?

When you put yourself in your employee's shoes, or student for that matter, you can better connect with them.  This simple technique will allow you to capture their attention and keep their interest with whatever technique you are attempting to teach them.
Be relatable, offer things they will be interested in such as foreshadowing ways they can work less, increase their income, or grow within the organization simply by learning and applying the new methods you are teaching. Be sure they see the link between the training and their job, i.e.:  With said skill, you will be able to work much more quickly and efficiently, etc.
Also, be sure to create a mood of motivation during the training.  Offering award/certifications for their time and efforts help validate the process as well. You can even recognize them in the company newsletter.
Don't forget to implement  the new skill as much as possible immediately after, creating repetition will create a habit of using their new skill.

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